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May 3
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It was hard. Loving someones whose first love is "Adventure". You thought, maybe, after Hyrule was saved, he'd relax and settle down with you. But you were sadly mistaken. Every other week he leaves you to go see some new part of the land, or see how Zelda's doing. You don't mind, not really. I mean, he just spent 7 years trying to save her...okay maybe you're jealous. But what girlfriend wouldn't be? You sighed and fixed a few strands of hair. You set the dishes out to dry, and checked on your meal. Not done yet. Sitting at your dining set, you stared up at the wooden shield and small sword that hung above your fireplace. It was his from when he was younger. You wish you could have visited his old village with him. He said no one but kids lived there. You wondered how, and asked him frequently, but he always said "It was a story for another time".

It was getting dark out. Dinner had just finished. Another night alone, as you started to eat. There were two loud bangs at your door, scaring you so hard you had jumped into your table. Standing up you tried looking out your window to see who it was, but the froth and condensation on the glass from the rain was making it hard. Since when was it raining? "______!" Came a voice from outside your door. It kinda sounded like...

"______, please let me in its so cold!"

"Link?!" You flew the door open and started at your rain soaked hubby. He had a small weary smile on his face while his bangs were a messy blond fiasco. You could help but snicker at his sad state. You stepped aside letting him in.

"You said you'd be gone for a whole month! Its only been one week." You scolded, though you were more than ecstatic to have him back.

"I couldn't do it anymore. Every week I leave or Zelda requests me at her castle...I'm actually sore! I just want to stay home and be lazy for once..." he complained, pulling off his wet tunic, leaving the sexy Hylian in nothing but his white tights. You smiled. Since when did the Hero of Time get tired?

"I just finished dinner. Come, eat." You said, while sitting down.

"Then can we lay down and sleep all day tomorrow?"

"...sure, hon. As long as you don't mind me cuddling you for once."

He swallowed his bite.

"...I love cuddling."
A small OneShot for you lovelies~ It feels good to write, and it takes some smoothing into, to get the right mindset to tell a story. I hoped i didn't dissapoint? I feel rusty.

I'm writing up some rough prompts for Hidden Truth and my other stories. Give me a bit to get back into it, but i promise i back guys~

A cute, short and simple story.

I don't own Zelda. Never have, never will! Nintendo does. I love Nintendo...
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